The HSEQ team had a busy year with our standards between retaining current standards and achieving new ones.

In January our recertification audit took place for our ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System, this was a real team effort with the recertification audit requiring a site visit.  This visit took place on our N80 Maidenhead Realignment Scheme where the site team presented all of the requested documentation to the auditor and enabled us to pass with flying colours and recertify to the Standard.

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the March lockdown, the team took the opportunity to move up our schedule for acquiring the ISO45001 standard and set about establishing a combined Health, Safety and Environmental Management System that would meet the standard.  The new system was established in May and the stage 1 audit took place in early June with the stage 2 audit following in mid-July.  We were delighted to be awarded the standard on foot of these audits.  Again this was a huge team effort with many of the site teams contributing to this audit, in particular the Sandyford Cycle Route team.  

In October, it was time for our Safe-T audit, in an unusual move this year, the auditor choose the site as the DLRCC Coastal Cycle Route.  This audit is different to the ISO audits insofar as it audits the specific works on site and how health and safety is applied as opposed to the ISO method of auditing the procedures and processes.  We were delighted with a very successful audit on this site and we retained our 'A' grading.