We are a multidisciplinary business with experience in a wide range of building and civil engineering works. We have completed contracts from €10k to in excess of €50m and we have worked in integrated Joint Ventures in excess of €100m. We have completed many Design and Build Contracts and are experienced in the roles of PSCS and PSDP. We work in the areas of civil engineering, building and restoration. 

Under civil engineering works, we regularly undertake road construction and upgrade projects, cycle tracks, quality bus corridors, bridge construction and refurbishment, rail works, flood alleviation and river works. While we undertake stand alone water and wastewater installation works, we have also completed many of these installations of all sizes and in all environments as part of our road constrction projects. We have a number of dedicated and fully equiped crews who manage and maintain assets throughout the national road network including, sign maintenance and refurbishment, traffic calming installations and school warning signs. These crews also operate a national emergency call out facility.

In our building section we have designed and built many business parks, warehouses and office buildings. These range from small speculative units right up to more specialised warehouse and office buildings up to 170,000 sqft including full fit out works. Over the last number of years we have also constructed a number of large reinforced concrete warehouse and industrial buildings for TII and IW. While traditionally we were invloved in house building, more recently with the housing crisis and unfinished estates and being CIRI registered, we are working in house and apartment building, refurbishment and completion to meet the required standards. We see this area contributing a significant part of our workload in the future. 

Under the restoration heading, we have restored a number of bridge structures in stone, concrete, steel and cast iron. These ranged from small pointing and scour repairs to large scale refurbishment of steel and cast iron protected structures including replacement and refurbishment of  abutment supports and foundations. Our knowledge of restoration works has also seen us complete many stone wall restorations and paving works including significant works in the Phoenix Park.